Double W Pulling
Garden Tractor/Mini Outlaw/Mini Rod and Sled Rental
2014 Spring Tractor Pull
Muhlenberg County Ag and Convention Center​
3705 State Road 1380 (Hwy 189 Bypass)
Powderly, KY  42367​​
                 Saturday , March 1, 2014 @ 12:00 p.m.

                                               Outlaw and Mini Rods 
Class                                             Weight  

                 750 cc​​​                                        1250 lbs 
                1150 cc (Small Tire)                     1300 lbs
                Light Outlaw (Small Tire)            1350 lbs​​
                Heavy Outlaw                              1400 lbs​
​(All of the above tractors will be naturally aspirated and no pressurized tanks.)                                                                                                 
          Open Class                          1350 lbs                                                 
          ​​Open Class                          1400 lbs                                                    
(This includes turbo chargers and super chargers)​ 
        Mini Rod​                                  1850 lbs                                                   
        ​Mini Rod                                  1900 lbs​                             
        ​Mini Rod                                  2050 lbs                                                  
​(Mini Rods must be naturally aspirated with a maximum of 410 CI)​                                                                                                                        
We will run heats if there are more than 30 tractors in a class.​​


                                              Entry Fee:  $35.00  (Cash Only)
                                                              (Per Tractor-Per Class)​

                                                              If you have any questions
                                      Contact:  John Waldrop  Ph # 270-889-4690​​​​